Las canciones de Stranger Things (Temporada 2)

Las canciones de Stranger Things (Temporada 2)

Episodio 5 – Dig Dug

Carroll Lloyd – Try my love

(Try My Love / I Can’t Fight It No Longer, 1967)

Carl Weathers – You ought to be with me

(You Ought To Be With Me / That’s Love Calling, 1981)

Bobby Bare – Green, Green Grass of Home

(The Streets Of Baltimore, 1966)

Shock Therapy – Can I do what I want

(Shock Therapy, 1985)

Hittman – Metal sport

(Hittman, 1988)

Robert Görl – Darling don’t leave me

(Night full of tension, 1984)

The Jetzons – When the sun goes down

(The Complete Jetzons, 2008)

Channel 3 – Strength in numbers

(I’ve got a gun, 1982)

Billie Holiday – No more

(No More / You Better Go Now, 1946)

Philip Glass – Open the kingdom (Liquid Days, Part II)

(Songs from Liquid Days, 1986)

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